Import HSBC transaction data into moneyplex

After a lot of trial and error, the following settings allow one to import the transaction data into moneyplex. Any other settings would no import the date information correctly.

  1. Log in to your HSBC online banking and export the transaction data in the “Quicken (QIF)” format.
  2. In the moneyplex programme (the website is in German, and so is my installation. I am unsure whether it exists in the English language) you choose the account into which you want to import the data.
  3. Go to the transaction screen, right click onto the list of transactions and choose “Import” from the selection menu.
  4. Choose the format “QIF-Import von Intuit Quicken 2001 bis 2003 (US-Version)” as the import filter.

This should import the transaction data correctly. At the moment only the recent transactions seem to import successfully from the HSBC website. This is a major pain. Let us hope, that the English banking system can adopt a common standard for the import and export of financial data some time soon. After all, Germany has had this for a while now.

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